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2021 minimum full moon on December 19th appeared in the night sky

real teen faith real teen faith

In 2021, there were twelve new months and twelve full moon. Many people will pray on this day, bless themselves and their families can have a smooth fortune, bless the people around you. In short, it will be asked, then when is the least full moon in 2021? This is the issue we all pay attention.

First, what is the full moon, know what is full moon? The full moon is actually in the year, a natural phenomenon that happened to the moon is not a terrible thing, it is based on the moon and the sun's cross instant. The full moon is an instant (also known) when the moon and the yang of the sun (also known as), and the moon phase (also known as the month). The neighboring full moon is always 29.53 days.

Astronomical phenomenon, the moon is gradually full, and the round is full moon, usually on the 15th of the month.

Second, the least full moon in 2021, when is the 9th night of 2021 will usher in a smallest full moon, also known as "the least full moon" in 2021, wait until that day we look up, the scenery is very beautiful , Ready to take pictures. At 10:00 on December 18, the moon was running to the far floor. At this time, the moon is minimal; at 12:36 on December 19. At this time, the moon presents "the most round". On May 26 this year, the Lunar New Year's Eve, the full moon is the "biggest full moon" in 2021, and it is also known as the "Super Red Moon" "Super Moon". "If you take this round of special moon, this time you can use the same equipment, the same focal length parameters are shot again when the moon is located in the same horizontal coordinate position, two other than the comparison, and the big is small, and a bit." Repair Peng said.

Third, the day of the full moon does need to do what is on the 19th of 2021, we can pray at home, saying some wishes, or do some prayers are very good, after all, this day is very good Easy, this can win good fortune for us.

More than just make your fortune, it will happen in work, and it is possible to get any boss, and the promotion of salary increase is also possible, and the body fortune will get better and better.