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Which constellation TA do you love most?

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Which one do you love mostGood luckTA? Test start:

topic:If you have enough resources and conditions for you to learn, which extreme exercise do you want to challenge the following?

A, skateboard

B. Rock climbing

C, bungee jump

D. Ski

(A total of 1 small question in this test, please continue to see the results of the analysis.)

Analysis of test results:

Choose A: The easiest thing you fall in love isCancerEssence

Calm without temperature does not give you a steady sense of security. For you, what is needed is more caring and intimate. So you are most likely to be attracted by home -type Cancer. This good person is like a night of soup, warming your heart nest. They are good at doing housework, careful care, care for care. This kind of Cancer is particularly touched, it seems that you can give it all you want.

Choose B: The easiest thing you fall in love isScorpioEssence

It is not easy to know how to love someone. What you long for is "willing to get one person with a white head". Maybe many people think that Scorpio loves deeply, but isn't this the expression of love and love? And you are a person who can digest this deep love, or this love is more suitable for you. When facing love, Scorpio will dedicate to each other with the most sincere love and give the most gentle and thoughtful care. But you are always easy to be attracted by the deeply affectionate Scorpio and fall into the love river deeply.

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