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Dreaming of tree sprouts

real teen faith real teen faith

What does it mean by dream of tree sprout?I have to dream, the five elements of the main wood, is the symbol of herb, the fortune is rich, the cause is prosperous, and the people who have fun, the gentle person, and more than one person can be faulty, the fortune has improved, only to do something fine, moreIt is reluctant to trust in others, the spring dreams, the summer dreams are unlucky.

In the external people's dream, we will ask in the northwest, there is a lot of wealth, and ask for a fortune in southeast.

Single man has this dream, the peach blossoms, the emotion is not emotional, the opposite sex is complicated, and there are many entanglements in the people in the world.

The middle-aged woman dreams, the cause is more than the constraints of others, and it is difficult to improve the wealth, and the gentleman, even if the cause is ups and downs, but can have gains.

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