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Dreaming of cut leaves

real teen faith real teen faith

What does I doing a dream?Dream, Jin Kemu is a sign of the financial, good at operation, the business is smooth, if there is too much in relation to the people, there is an uneasiness, and everything should have an idea, can not be entangled with him, the autumn dreams,Winter dreams are unlucky.

Single man has this dream, the career is high, and there are many small people around, and there are too many people who are more than others, and the fortune is difficult to improve.

Middle-aged woman dreams, peach blossoms have a big sign, everything is honest with others, and there is a lot of money, but the family relationship is not harmonious, and this dream is half-fashioned.

Middle-aged man has this dream. There are nobles in the main business, and everything is sincere with him, and there is a lot of money, but it is Ji Zhao.

Ask the scholar dream, the family relationship is not equal, the academic performance is difficult to improve, and there are many uneasiness in my heart.

Engaged in health products, medical equipment, etc.