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Are you very high in the wrong rate?

real teen faith real teen faith

Work occasionally mistaken is normal, after all, no one can keep awake ingredients. But if you often make mistakes, then you will not be very suitable for this. So, is you very high in the wrong rate? Test, you know the answer, let's take a career test together!

Will you take the initiative to ask the leadership to increase salary? A, often requirement

B, occasional request

C, I feel that my strength will meet the requirements.

D, never required

[Look down after choosing! The answer is below] Don't steal the answer == = =

Test Answer: a, you are in the wrong rate. Super high. You are a kind of person in the wrong rate. This is because you don't have a little responsibility at all. You are completely a boss to deal with colleagues, as long as you can lazy, then you will never do it seriously. So your work is always a lot of mistakes, you need someone to help you clean up.

B. You are a relatively emotional person in a certain period of time, so your error rate is greatly related to your mood status. If your mood is very good for a while, then there will be no mistakes. But when you encounter some trouble, then the error will appear in two links.

C, you are very low in your business, you can see your work very heavy, because stable revenue can make you live you want. You are worried about yourself every day. If you don't have a job, you will definitely panic. Because of this, you will have a special heart every time you work, you will make mistakes, but the number of times is particularly small.

D, you have no mistakes in your work. You are a kind of person who is particularly responsible for work. Take your own work. Because of this, your work efficiency is particularly high, and has never made mistakes. ()