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What is the zodiac zodiac tiger or zodiac monkey?

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The zodiac signs are the excellent culture of our country and the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancients. Everyone has their own genus, once in twelve years. This wisdom has been used for thousands of years and is highly respected by people. So what zodiac is the zodiac?

The danger is the zodiac tiger and the zodiac monkey.

The following is a specific analysis of what zodiac signs (guessing the zodiac signs) are

Said 1: From the description below, we can see that "metaphor to turn danger into safety", so we can think of tigers, because people generally describe the risk of danger to say that the tiger mouth is out of danger. Therefore, it can be guessing that it is a tiger.

Said 2: We can still guess it is a monkey. We know that every time Tang Seng encounters danger, Sun Wukong has a timely danger to danger and return to life. Therefore, analytical insurance can also be monkeys.

Guess a number of risks

Guess the numbers from the strokes of the danger to the insurance. "4 strokes," 9 strokes "in danger," 4 strokes in the word "," Yi "Yiyi" 6 characters, 4 characters in 4 words are 4+9+4+6 = 23. Therefore, it is 23.

Zodiac sorting

1、子鼠,2、丑牛,3、寅虎,4、卯兔,5、辰龙,6、巳蛇,7、午马,8、未羊,9、申猴,10、酉鸡, 11. Dog, 12, Hai pig

What does it mean to turn danger to

【Pinyin】: huà xiǎn wéi yí

[Explanation]: danger: danger; Yi: flat. The danger is safe. The metaphor turns danger.

[From]: Tang Han Yunqing's "Ping Man Song Preface": "The atmosphere is the atmosphere of Yang, and the risk is obstructing the way."

[Example]: The scene of the danger of New Year's Eve is naturally recalled again, but this time we are ~, although it takes some twists and turns. ◎ Guo Moruo "Revolutionary Spring and Autumn · One Night of Nanchang"

[Grammar]: partial language; predicate, attributive; referring to dangerous situations become peaceful

[Synonyms]: Every time it is fierce, the tiger's mouth is out of danger, the unique life is born, the danger is to be safe, the defeat is the victory, the death is not dangerous, the death and return,

[Antonym]: Well worse, oil on the fire, dangerous eggs, cleverly become clumsy, and swimming at the bottom of the kettle