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Pu Shui is not good, why is the sunflower not good

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The people usually think that the life of Guishui is not good. The number of life here is not necessarily bad, but the meaning of bumpy life. In the fate of the eight characters, why is it that the life of Guishui is not good? Let's take a look at the following article!

What is Kwai Shui Ming

Guishui is yinwater. In reality, it is live water, also known as soft water, and can also represent the water dew. Guishui likes Yin Jin, born from Xin Jin, and fears Yang Jin, and it is blocked by Geng Jin.

"Drip Sky" has a saying: "Gui Shui is weak, reaching Tianjin. Dragon is transported, meritorious. Do not worry about the fire, regardless of the Geng Xin.

Guishui is known as "Fusang weak water". It is a pure yin to weak water. There is movement in the quietness. Its original note mentioned that "Dragon Dragon with Chengyun Rain, can moisturize everything, meritorize the gods", and the deciduous land branch is through the Chen (dragon is the Chen). This is the so -called merit.

Guishui is pure yin to weak. The golden gas, whether it is Geng Jin or Xin Jin, meets Guishui, must be dirty of Jinzhisha Qi, so the deciduous water is born in the West or autumn, and the life is not smooth. Pu Guihua is combined with fire, and the fate of the deciduous water needs to be soil, and it will be transformed into a fire to form a root.

Guishui is the worst life

There are not many people who are rich and rich in Guishui, but they can often express the phrase "Shangshan Ruo Shui Ren Fang Yuan". In the comparison of Ren Shui's life, we found that Ren Shui's life can unite everyone.

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