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Inquiry of the best day date in August 2022

real teen faith real teen faith

When a brand new store appears in people's vision, they will be curious to go shopping, but if you want to maintain a good operating model for a long time, you need to need a certain amount of fortune, so the owner will often choose the best date to start work. In this way, everyone also has a good spiritual appearance to welcome customers and provide thoughtful services.

Huang Daoji day started in August 2022

August 5, 2022, July 5, August (small) on Friday, 08, Leo

Chong: Chong Monkey (Jiashen) Sha Beibei

Yi: Opening the market transaction, the establishment of the money, the wealth of the fortune, start a travel, marry the sabers, the NATO booking alliance, the wealth of the wealth, the shipping, the sacrifice, the animal shepherd, the soil,

Tabo: Joining the house to make a stove to worship the soil

Peng Zu Baijie: Geng does not try to sacrifice the ghosts without sacrificing the weaving machine

August 6, 2022, July 6, Lunar Calendar (small) on Saturday, 09 Leo

Chong: Chicken (Yiyi) Shaxi

Yi: Marry the Nathel Booking alliance sacrifice to pray for blessings to start the fire, demolition and build a moving soil, the trading coupon, the plaque, enter the house, plant the bed

Avoid: Digging the logging of livestock and livestock

Peng Zu Baijie: Xinba Sauce owner doesn’t taste it or not wearing well water springs and not fragrant

August 18, 2022 Lunar Calendar July (Small) Thursday, Lion

Chong: Chicken (Ding Yan) Shaxi

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