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How to look at your own astrolability explanation, 14 steps to see yourself clearly

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The astrolabe is terrible, and the astrolabe can see a person's comprehensive humanity very clearly. So many people want to look at their own personality and fortune through the astrolabe, so how do you look at your own star disk? Let's take a look together!

How to look at your own astrolabe step:

Step 1: Determine your rise, after getting your own astrolabe, how to look at your own astrolabe, the first thing is to see the riseconstellationIf the specific degree of rising constellations is less than 0 degrees or greater than 29 degrees, then what you have to do is to and and those who know your birth time confirmed the accuracy of your birth time.

Because if you are too small or too large, it means that the time difference between 5 minutes before and after, your rise may change. The foundation of Yinzhan is the rising constellation, so we must clarify the accuracy of your upward constellation.

Step 2: How do you look at your own astrological plate and see which house of your first house's palace (the guardian of the constellation). The main star of the first palace's palace is absolutely the goal and direction of our lives. Where the first palace owner falls, it means that you must want to do things there! If you work hard in this direction, you will feel confused!

Step 3: How to look at your own astrolabe and see which house on your birth disk falling in, the moon is very important, representing our feelings and cognition of this world. But the moon is more important to look at our heart stability and satisfaction. So see where the moon is falling, you have to go to the house to meet the needs of your inner moon. The palace where the moon is located is the source of security, the moon constellation is obtained by the sense of security, and the Xingju of the moon constellation is to see the specific method of obtaining.

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