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What is the big luck in the 73rium? Which year is the Year of the Over the Year of 73?

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A person's fate can be seen from the eight characters of the birthday, and the fate is divided into two parts. Only the combination of both will be able to determine how people fate. What is the big luck in the 73rium? Which year is the Year of the Over the Year of 73? Let's take a look at it!

What is the big luck in the 73rium? Which year is the Year of the Over the Year of 73?

In the 73r, the Year of the Niu Feng, the Year, the Year of the Snake, the Year of the Snake;1, mole yearIt is a cattle and the year is "wide and good year". Due to the "sun", "the sun" is high, and the "age", "Yutang" is the big Ji Xing, which is a cattle, should have a big harvest.2,All-yearIn the 73r, when the Year of the Niu Ren, Yinxong, asked for SEL, is a very harmful time. Because there is "Golden" star, there will be Yu Qing and fortune to develop, and welcome people.3,Chicken yearIn the 73r, the financial is quite good, and the financial resources are wide, but unfortunately, because there is "small consumption" fierce star, it shows the money to lose weight. If you don't double your care, you will finance And there are few. The most popular month of the year of the cattle, the most popular month is the Lunar New Year, May, August, September and November, the lunar calendar especially be improving into the money circle. The monthly year of the year is a lunar month, the Lunar New Year, June, July and October, it should be a valley to prevent hunger.

73 years is a cattle 2022

1,Career fortuneIn 1973, the bullish people were more difficult in 2022, and the development of career is relatively difficult. Because there is no noble person in your work, everything needs to be struggled by himself, and often there will be a small person to fall behind, and will cause a lot of trouble to belong to a cattle. It is good to be active and seriously worked hard, and we will do your job with your heart. So many times, it is still more smooth, and you can get some good development opportunities as long as you have maintained such a positive working condition.2,FortuneIn 1973, it is a bullish in 2022, the wealth fortune is more good. Most people 's economic conditions are very large, and they will not feel too much economic pressure and burden. This age is a bullish, it will have a lot of savings in itself, plus usually spend money, and it will be fine, and it will have a lot of overhead. Be3,Emotional fortuneIn 1973, it is a bullish, in 2022, the feelings are relatively good, most of them are very happy in their feelings, and the probability of emotional problems is not very high. However, some of the cow will be more busy, this year may be due to work, and ignore the other half of the feelings; plus the bullish is not good at expressing, do not know how to operate marriage and feelings, there may be a cold war. Be4,Healthy fortuneEnteruring 2022, 1973 is a nature, and the physical condition is very good. Most people will have a healthy and stable physical fitness, rarely suffering. However, for those who are engaged in outdoor work, they must pay attention to personal safety, whether when they are, they must be safe in the first place. Don't ignore the importance of health because of work, so as not to occur.