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Dream of engraving

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Dreaming of engraving, Jinkemu is a sign of money, good at operation, good luck, for people, there is more opportunities to help, this is a Ji Zhao, the autumn dream, the spring dream is unlucky.

In the external people's dream, seek money in the southwest, the career is smooth, go to the northeast, and there is more good luck in the world, and everything is honest.I have this dream, the people who are rats, those who are dragons are noble.

Single man has this dream, good at operation, smooth career, can have a chance of wind and rigid, and the character of the blood is not able to play with others.

Middle-aged woman dreams of engraving, there are more people in the main business, and the honor and disgrace of others, the fortune is quite rich, and everything should be cautious, and cannot be claimed.

Engaged in financial management, investment cooperation, etc.

Dreams of management, human resources, etc.