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Six major considerations for feng water

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Dining table, in short, it is a place where a family gathers together is the most important furniture in the restaurant. Since it is a place where a family is gathered together, its Feng Shui will inevitably affect the whole home fortune and the relationship between husband and wife. Today, Xiaobian will bring you six major precautions for everyone, come and take a look at Xiaobian.

Six major considerations for feng water

First, the table should not be the top of the beam, and there is also a top-beam on the dinner table. It is like a cut-edge rack on the top of the head. It has caused an invisible pressure in people's psychology. It will lead to the home house. Ding mouth is damaged, unfavorable family healthy.

Second, the table is choosing to choose the artistic breath, the colorful table design, which is not suitable for use, will psychological impact on the owners.

Third, the table remember cannot be relatively relatively with the bathroom, so that the pollution is affecting the meal, it is easy to affect the body.

Fourth, when the table is selected, I don't want to choose a lack of deck, so it is easy to cause money to use.

5. The best choice of the table is square or circular, because most of the daily utensils are this shape, symbolizing the meaning of the round circle, can gather popularity.

Sixth, the shape of the table can affect the atmosphere of the meal, the round table is suitable for the family of three, and the elliptical or rectangular table is suitable for the owner of the population.

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