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Dream of stew

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming stewed meat, I have a five-line main soil, but the signs of Wu Shanwang, asking for money can not beat hands with him, only transparent thinking, carefully do something can be improved, the richness of the rich, summerDreams of Geely, the autumn dreams are unlucky.

In the extent of the people's dream, seek money in southeast, the career is more helpful, to ask in the northwest, even if there is a fortune, there is no self-propelled idea.

Single men have this dream, the personality is poor, and we will use the money by others. If the cause is strong, you should do things.

Middle-aged women have this dream. There are nobles in the main business. Although they cooperate with others, the nervous relationship is complicated, and the feelings of emotions are invisible.

The elderly have this dream, gastrointestinal diseases, digestive diseases, and physical conditions are not good, and life is difficult to smooth.

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