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Dreaming of buying gold means

real teen faith real teen faith

What does it mean by dreaming of buying gold?I got this dream, buy and sell five lines of gold, gold representative, the people of Jinwang, there are more bumpy things in the career, the object is extremely strong, the people are too strong, smart and smart, only step by step, do things, do things, good luck, good luck, Autumn dreams, spring dreams are unlucky.

Single man has this dream, there are many people in the career, only to treat others with sincerity, get along with heart, can be good luck.

Middle-aged woman dreams, family relationship is not equal, there is a lot of entanglement with family, and it is difficult to enhance the sign.

The elderly have this dream, the family relationship is not equal, the lung disease, the digestive disease, the physical condition is not good, if there is a thing that is disturbed by others, it is more uneasy.

Entrepreneurs have this dream, the principal can have a chance of wind and water, and everything is not too entangled with others, only careful, can be good.

Engaged in buildings, steel materials, etc.