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Dream of getting married

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Dreaming of getting married, I have a good thing in five elements, Nailong embarrassment, and there are too many people in the world, the feelings are difficult, and everything should be cautious. I can't bring the entanglement, spring dreams of girish, winter dreams unlucky.

In the exemption of people's dreams, ask in southeast, there is a small person to correct the career, and ask for a fortune in northwest. The main business is helping.I have this dream, and the people who are murdots, the people of the dragons, jointly ask for money, water into the reservoir, and the development of the business.

Single woman has this dream, there are people in the main business, and they are more energetically involved in others, and there are many affected wealth, and the opposite sex is complex.

The middle-aged woman dreams, the personality is stubborn, the career has no signs, and everything is relatively tired with him, and the fortune is difficult to improve.

The elderly dream, the children are smart, the family is full, the family is full, life is happy, mostly.

Engaged in pet breeding, floral planting, etc.