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The desk is good in the living room.

real teen faith real teen faith

Family Feng Shui looks at the living room, good feng shui can bring good fortune, and the desk is often placed in the living room, with excellent feng shui.What Feng Shui is good in the living room?The living room desk should be placed on the wall, and the top can not have a beam, and the desk should be cleaned and cannot be opposed to the window.

The wall is a tall image, the conditions of Feng Shui form, the desk is leaning against the flow of fortune, the big jigs, the cause can be smooth, step by step, the fullness, and it is well received.

The beam is a gloomy thing, there are cross beams above the desk, the heart is uneasy, the mood is low, and it should be shifted, the old man can be healthy, carefree, and the energy is strong.

The living room is the land of Feng Shui, often in the room, the desk is dirty, is a lazy image, it should be cleaned in time, people can feel comfortable, no disease, no life.

The windows are in exchange with the outside world, the desk is negative, the yin is negative is a big tribute, and it should be shifted, and it can be left and so on, actively, and fall in generous, gain.