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Which time is born is a phoenix?

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Do you know how your birth is? Why do you know your birth? When the birth of the life is directly related to what make up, so a person's birth is decided to have the trend behind her life. There are many kinds of life in this, let's talk about Fenghuang, so what time is born What is a phoenix? Phoenix life is good.

Most women born (23:00 to 1st in the morning) were most charming. At the same time, they were independent and strong, and they were very strong, and they had a long-term, and the judgment was extremely strong. It is full of effort in the career. In the feeling of being passive, most of the women born, most of them are optimistic, but the inner is extremely lack of security, and they need a careful care of the partner. But because of her own superior condition, she can help the partner's career, when we need to weigh the spade, when evaluating the physical object, can give a very pertinent opinion, prevent the husband from walking. So this time is born, people not only lucky fortune, but also to the ancestral industry can play a prosperous role. It can be a blessing of my husband for a lifetime.

In the afternoon birth (11 am to 13:00), the people born in the afternoon, from the small feature of the temperament and beautiful, because of the birth of a good finisher, the eight-character belt is blessing, they often become the parents' Tiancheng, for the parents family Bring your expense, so you have no worries from small clothes, money is not awkward, this blessing can even continue to their husband, will become a biting treasure pot, the family threshold is gloried, and the food can be wide. There is also an operation, so it is getting more and more expensive, and money is never worried. So such a woman is generally a phoenix. After marriage, the days are also comfortable, nothing to worry, you can have no happiness!

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