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"Battle of the Golden Shovel" Recommended

real teen faith real teen faith

Many players in the game of the gold shovel shovel are still unclear, what is the specific gameplay of the residual fox lineup. Next, let Xiaobian bring you "Golden Shovel Battle" to remember the fox lineup, and interested partners come and see.

"Battle of the Golden Shovel" Recommended

First, lineup

1, chess pieces

Pig (4), Sword Devil (4), Snake Female (4), Harmer Stone (2) Cat (3)

2, embarrassment

4 resemble 4 secrets 2 night hobby 2 days

Second, the equipment recommended

Nine tail demon fox - a raccoon

Blown (tears of goddess + tears of goddess)

Pearl (useless big stick + boxing)

Endless (storm sword + boxing)

Dark Sword Magic - Yatoke

Ion sparks (negative tensions + blessings)

Stone statue (negative tawn + chain armor)

Other equipment

In addition to the main equipment mentioned above, we need a few holy cups. When you start, you can give mysterics, you can also increase the output of the fox. Wait until later, we can give the base, you can Increase blue, improve the use of resurrection, and then pig women should match some of the flesh equipment, it is best to have a better redemption.

The above is the "Gold Shovel Battle", the total content of the residue of the residue of fox, more, please pay attention!