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"Absolute Interpretation" The first spring is extravagant, amazing bloom, Hua Xi Road passing by

real teen faith real teen faith

Unconsciously, I have arrived in the spring. As the weather is warmed, all things have recovered, many small partners should start to ponder the clothing of the first spring. The women in the entertainment circle "absolute interpretation" in the theme of the entertainment circle, and also launched two new top luxury, helping the female star to catch the first wave of fashion trends!

The "absolute interpretation" of the main "immersive entertainment industry" has been welcomed by many players since the online. In the game, players will be played as an actress, experience the play, ads, advertise, and fans interaction. And for the player's home to experience the happiness of the female star, "absolute interpretation" is also equipped with high-quality clothing, makeup accessories for everyone to freely match.

Recently, the official announced two new first spring top luxury. The first set [Dhara Huahua] is a classic fog blue light gauze dress, the skirt is dotted with a white and light blue flowers, which seems to wear the flowers under the spring mist.

Another set of [Liuxi Elf], chose warm colors as the main tones of the skirt, red, white colorful flowers to overtilve the movement of the waist and the skirt, although the decoration is more unrest. In exchange, it is like a flower elf in the dusk forest, and the gap is full of gains.

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