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Dreaming of your own legs

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What does it mean to see your leg pain? good or not? Dreaming that my leg hurts to indicate what aleon? Zhou Gong Ji Dream [XVTE.COM] What is going on with your dreams from signs and fortune!

Dreaming of your leg pain, indicating that you may have the opportunity to travel abroad.

Dreaming of your leg pain or kidney pain, letting dream of going abroad to go abroad, can send a fortune.

Dreaming of three legs or more legs pain, indicating that you are a very ambition, or very good things, everything wants to intervene.

The young woman dreams of the thigh hurt, meaning that it is very strong in the heart, but be careful not because of the flowers of others.

The patient dreams of their legs, indicating that the medical treatment that may be enjoyed will be reduced.

Pregnant women dream of their legs and have problems during childbirth.

The married woman dreams of their legs, will be pregnant.

Dreaming of your own leg pain

Love Index: 63%, Wealth Index: 74%

Health Index: 77%, Work or Business Index: 98%

Good luck: green, suitable orientation: South.

Dream to your own leg pain

Suitable: Yi light, should be praised, suitable for laps

Taboo: avoid lifting, avoid cutting honey, avoid breaking house