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What are the needs to pay attention to?

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On the day of the New Year, the people of all local workers will come back in time. It is basically a day of family, and it is more joyful when resting. It is warm and happy. On this day, there are friends or relatives will be specially invited to eat, meet out On the last, the gathering of the three five complexes, talk about gossip, can be said to be exciting. So what is the taboo for a guest to eat in the early New Year?

Please eat taboos

In general, there are very few guests in the New Year. They basically start feasting guests. Of course, in the customs of some places are different, they are in the first day of the New Year, and they started less. I will take a guest to eat in the first day, and should first let the guests will be held, and then the owner will be held. And I will start from the left side, and I can't make a sound after sitting down, I can't move chopsticks, I can't walk freely. When you eat, you must first ask the guest. After the human chopsticks can get the owner, this is a polite problem, and you don't have the sound when you eat, these are needed to avoid remember.

What elishes

There is also a great attention to the first day of the New Year, but most of them are in New Year, occasionally gather together. But when you are invited to eat, pay attention to many details. When you ignore the details, you may be accused of you don't respect them, please eat for friendly, you can't turn, so you must always Keep remember those rules taboos. When you eat, let the guests move chopsticks, and when you eat, you can't make a sound. When you drink soup, you have to wait for it to drink again, but you can't make an indecent action, such as drinking.

Can be close to the relationship

Although things are cumbersome, but it is a real hospitality etiquette, which allows guests to feel the kind of impression, and the other party feels that you have educated. But some people should be impatient, this, especially those relatives that are very close, then don't matter, how can I get close, too cumbersome etiquette, but I am far away, it is not worth it, after all, treat guests from the purpose It is to pull into the relationship between two, the way. Of course, if the relationship is alienated, even some strangers, this etiquette can make you faster, let them feel better to your first side.