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What is the constellation of the lunar calendar on February 21, 2022?

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To know that the yellow calendar is invented before, he is based on Zhou Yi gossip. It is a very stressful thing until there will be some people to use today, because today's Ji is a very important thing. Each of us can choose a Geely moment in every day, do something important, there will be a good fortune.

February 21, 2022, Qing Dynasty [Queen] Monday, 2022, 2022

[Lunar New Year] Two, 2002 (Big)

[Dry Branch] 寅 寅 月 巳 日

[Zodiac] belongs to Tiger

[Constellation] Pisces


Fushing] rushing pig (海)

[Yi] Travel tourism sacrifices to help the horses and horses do not take

[忌] burial and breaking

This day can travel, travel, sacrifices, etc., so this day is Huangdaoji.

This Dayji time query ugly [1-3] 冲 羊 东 时 东 辛 辛 三 天 天 堂

Yi: Pray for the joy to engage the marriage, travel, seek money, open the city, the reservation, the building, the home, the burial, go to any

Refer to:

[3-5 points] Monkey, the monkey, the north, the army

Avoid: Waiting for the construction of migration travel phrase blessings

时 [5-7] 冲 鸡 西 西 时 癸 元 元 元 元 进 进 进 进 进 进 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 进 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣 嗣


Chen time [7-9] rushing to the south of the road, the armor

忌: Sacrifice pray for fasting and reward

Time [9-11 points] Pug, the pig

Avoid: Going to travel shipbuilding

午 [11-13 points] Ramati Bincao Time-flin road space Qinglong Changsheng should: engage marriage and bed migration into the house to build a burial

Avoid: sacrifices to blessing

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