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New melanoma test method Amblor can predict the risk of skin cancer

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New melanoma test method Amblor can predict the risk of skin cancer

According to CNBETA: A new test method has been developed for assessing the possibility of expansion or recurrence of early melanoma. This test measures several protein levels in tumor biopsy, helping doctors to assess what patients need more frequent follow-up after being removed early skin cancer. This new test is called Amblor, its development is to help identify early melanoma that may spread or recurmer.

The current skin cancer stage is mainly based on the characteristics of melanoma, such as its depth and size, after surgery. Approximately 15% of melanoma patients will eventually develop into a more serious disease, however, doctors cannot identify these patients in this early stage.

AMBLOR test is based on recent research, which found that certain early melanoma will secrete a protein called transformed growth factor-β2 (TGFβ2). This growth factor will reduce several known proteins that maintain tumors.

Newcastle University's researcher Penny Love is explained: "Just like mortar and bricks, Ambra1, Loricrin and Claudin 1 are key proteins that maintain the upper integrity of the skin. When these proteins are lost, they will The gap is like a mortar on the wall. This will make the tumor spread and eventually ulce, we know this is a process related to high-risk tumors. "

Previous studies have found that these specific biomarkers are more predictable to predict the recurrence of diseases than any test available. The Lovet, headquartered, said that new tests will not only help patients better understand their own risks, but also reduce the unnecessary burden of the public health system.

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