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What is the most likely and impossible for AB blood and O-type blood?

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What is the blood type of AB blood and O-type blood? Depending on blood type genetic law, AB type blood and O-type blood groups are most likely to be A, B, O-type, AB type blood type.

How to get along with your babies:

Smart AB-type blood mothers will love or indulge their own baby, when you get along with your baby, the AB blood mother rationally adds a sense of maternal love, and their clever and calm methods can always make their own baby from small. It seems that it is different and knows how to do people.

Therefore, the baby of the AB-shaped blood will show the characteristics of tolerance and courtesy. They know how to love their mother, and the small age will speak the color, will not be too kind, and don't do it. Even Sometimes because of being punished by my mother, the baby can always deal with his reason and sensibility, showing uncommon and mature.

Get along with the Type of Baby

A type of blood is very sensible, interested in extensive interest, like fantasy. If the AB blood mother can give the baby more patience and guidance, let him have a chance to develop in the direction of his favorite, and fully discover the potential and talents on the baby, will make your baby from urination. Ordinary talents.

At the same time, AB-type blood mother should pay attention to how many new things will learn from the A-type blood, can't stubborn or drill the horns, try to use a humorous way to promote your baby, whether it is life or learning, you can regularly encourage and affirm, At the same time, he also urged him to communicate with the children, intentionally cultivating his optimistic and cheerful temperament.

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