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What can be placed in a suitable ornament?

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Home, is a powerful safeguard in our life. It is a Wangquan water in the hot summer. It is a warm sunshine for us in the cold winter. For us, home is the warmer and most important place. Home also needs to maintain and decorate, which also involves the style of Feng Shui, let us learn what is suitable for the right ornaments!

Place the bonsai to get the endless meaning

The bonsai has both landscaping the environment and fresh air, and also has certain ornamental, very suitable for decorative home. Everyone can play a bonsai in the living room, in addition to green eye, there is also a meaningful meaning. Put a few bonsai, such as thousands of young, etc., it is very helpful to the house. However, in the room should not use coniferous plants or trees (such as peach trees), especially taboo. People think this will bring luck. Moreover, middle-aged people are generally favorite bonsai, and the bonsai in the home can make parents to enjoy and play, can kill time, can make them feel happy.

Vase, peace, peace

"Bottle" peace hong, so the vase is considered peaceful, so most people will put a few vases at home, representing family members. Vase in the company. However, remember that the vase can not be placed in a peach, otherwise it will become an exquisite item such as peach blossom. Vase is placed in the northwestern orientation of the house. Want Want fifty-five years old, the peach blossom, fortune, health, etc. At the same time, the vase also has certain ornamentalities, people can raise their favorite flowers in the vase, and they will appreciate the eye, make people feel happy.

The fish tank has water to promote money

Fish has a beautiful meaning in China. We often see that there will be a fat doll on the year, and it is considered that it is more than a year. So everyone can place a fish tank at home and raise a few fish. People also think that we can add financial and bring good luck to home, just as our own squid jumps to the gantry, and bring pleasure to your family, you can block, and we will. Placing a fish tank at home can also make a fortune and make people appreciate it as a piece of ornaments, this is a great choice!