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Zheng Shi 12 Zodang Zhou Yun Detailed 4.18-4.24

real teen faith real teen faith

This week's characteristics: 药 承 春 宠, 丹. Mai Qiu can only be slightly cold. This week's weighing: Monday, Tuesday, Monkey, Wednesday, Wushu, Wushu, Friday, Saturday, Saturday, Sunday. Advice this week: This week, the rabbit tiger horse has to be very cautious, because the small people, leak money, and the rotten peach flowers this week follow you. Special reminder: Anything that is subject to a quite day is cautious, such as a monday, and sheep is not suitable for important things. This week, the sky is on April 20th is the sixth of the Valley - 24-spring, which is the last spring in spring. Gu Yu Wang Yun please see Dr. Zheng Zhi's blog post!

This week's red transport list

The official transport is the most popular: a snake

The most prosperous wealth:

The most popular peach:

This week's black run list

Small people flashed: belonging to the rabbit

Maximum leakage: belongs to Tiger

Peach blossom worst:


Integrated fortune: 4.7 points

Career success: 4.7 points

Emotional marriage: 4.4 points

Fortune index: 4.8 points

Health Index: 4.8 points

Official transport this week

Career fortio

Zhengwei is full of wealth

Investment sale seized opportunities

Love peach blossom starts rebound

Health pay attention to the legacy joint

Lucky Digital 2, 7 this week

Lucky color red this week

Lucky orientation this week

This week, you:

This week, this week:

Zheng Bo reminds to calm down.


Integrated fortune: 4.4 points

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