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What exact your relationship has?

real teen faith real teen faith

Love is easy, have a difficult, what is your love? If you want to know the answer, follow the small series to test it!

If you have a good sense, get together in candlelight dinner, what is the topic?

A, he (she) and colleagues get along.

B, you have the concept of money on each other.

C, his (her) family and personality.

D, sports events or other literary activities.

Test Results:

A. The other party gives people feelings, if they are very ruthless, although each other is talking about each other, but always gives the other party if the feeling is, it is expected to be hurt.

B, if you are not a common friend who is counted for money kilograms, then it is actually a feeling of the old lover.

C, you are a couple of heart-catching couples, he (she) trusts you and loves you, and makes each other more intimate.

D, your emotion is still only on the stage of sorrows such as the water. Perhaps, in his (her) heart, the object worthy of interaction is not allowed to be alone, and he (she) is quite intended for his words and deeds, and it will not expose its nature in front of you.