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How to seal the terrace

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I bought a house with a terrace. When I decorate, many owners are privacy and security considerations will be blocked, but there are many ways to close. How to seal the terrace?

1,The overall frame is closed: the overall box is a holistic frame, mainly the aluminum alloy door frame encloses the partition design of the glass, the overall frame is relatively good, but the position of the occupied position is also relatively large, and the area in general in the general terrain is more suitable for overall The frame is closed, and the small terrace is not very suitable.

2,The split frame is closed: the split frame is mainly the design of the window type, which is generally used in the extensive terrace. When the design of the split frame wants to open, it is more convenient to open, generally designed as a push-pull form, open the window when the sun is very good. Let the warm sunlight come in and meet the efficacy of ventilation.

3,No frame closed: No frame is the form of a large piece of glass without a buryth, the overall visual effect is better than the box glass, but there is no frame closed glass when you encounter a storm, water penetration, waterproof performance Not good, it is generally not recommended.

4,Plastic steel window is closed: plastic windows is harder, waterproof and windproof effect still can be seen outside, it is easy to deform after using a period of time, but it needs to be replaced for three or five years, but it is more trouble, but good at price Not expensive, the owner can still be easily affordable.

In fact, many friends will be closed, because this will be safe and privacy, but the above is how to seal the table, I hope to use it!