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I can join the process of making stews more easily soft.

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Can you join the process of making stews more easily soft? This is Alipay Ant Manor Classroom March 26, 2022, after answering, you can receive 180 grams of chicks, many small partners may not know what this answer is, the following small series brings everyone to Alipay Ant Manor Small Classroom Today's answer March 26 answer 2022, unclear friends may wish to take a look at the three moments.

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Alipay Ant Manor Today Answers March 26 Answer 2022

Title 2: Can you add more soft to soft and soft?

Answer: Hawthorn

Analysis: The organic acid content in the hawthorn is high, and the fibers that can tender meat, which makes it easier to stery, and can also play a greatest effect. Fresh hawthorn is constrained by the season, and everyone can choose Hawthorn dry when stewed.

During stewing, you can add a few hawthorn. The fat enzyme in the hawthorn can promote the decomposition of meat fat, and halhouse can improve the activity of protein-allerge enzymes, boil the hawthorn with the flesh, so that the meat is soft and tender, and can also go to the smell of meat, eat Special greas well.

The above is the process that the 3DM small compilation brings to the process of making stews easier soft to make it? Alipay Ant Manor today answers March 26 answer 2022. For more exciting content, please click Follow, Xiaobian will continue to update you!