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Dream of ears

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Dream of earsWhat means? Do you dream of seeing your ears? Dreaming that the ear has a real impact and reaction, and there is also the subjective imagination of the dream. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of the official website.

The ears in the dream represents the ability to receive information from the outside or listen to the inner voice of others, in addition to this, and the message, opportunity, and non-judgment and other meanings. At the same time, dreaming that the ears also said that reminding dreams should pay attention to listen to other people's opinions and pay attention to new information.

Dreaming of others' ears, indicating that they will receive an amazing news.

Dreaming of yourself a lot of ears, indicating that you will get a lot of friends, and the news is pondful.

Dreaming that the ear becomes large, indicating that the recent work is a good time to learn and train. Will get unexpected help, the results are remarkable, the exam is smooth.

Dreaming that the ear is very small, suggesting that you will find a hoby friend.

Dreaming that your ears are cut, suggest that the dreams have removed the unsuspects of others, and let things do their own plan.

Dreaming of your ears, or there are other problems, remind you to protect the little people around you.

Dreaming that someone else's ear is cut, indicating that some people have different perspectives around you, and you may be objected, it encounters setbacks and difficulties.

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