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"Battle of Golden Shovel" three feasters White Magic Naga game Raiders

real teen faith real teen faith

Many players in the game game in the gold shovel shovel, how to play three feasters White Magic Naina lineup. Next, Xiaobian brings you "Golden Shovel Battle" three fertilizers to the Bai magician game Raiders, interested partners come together.

"Battle of Golden Shovel" three feasters White Magic Naga game Raiders

Metropolitan Nagina

Composition of lineup: (from left to right, from above)

Moganna (3) Nar (3) 璐 (2) Time (2) Aik (3) Hair (4) Salerinny (4) Saina (3)

羁 羁 羁:

3 Social Welfare 3 Water 3 Water 3 Bai Magic 2 Precision

Hethers recommended:

Preferably, the heart of the white devil, three feasions, hot incense burners, first aid appliances

Alternative: the heart of the famous flow, the big angel, share the spotlight, flying

Equipment selection

Polyester Sheng Hanjo - Saina

The spear of the prostitute (the tears of the goddess + the storm sword)

Giant killer (storm sword + anti-song bow)

Endless Blade (Storm Sword + Boxing Set)

The main C Saina, the Qinglong knife must speed up, the output is selected, the endless + giant kill can be crispy, especially the killing of the fight, and the skill damage depends on the percentage of attack power, also You can kill the sword. After all, we have to gamble 3 stars, and the addition of the murderer can maximize.

Fallen Angel - Mogany

Muscle (chain armor + chain armor)

Dragon's claws (negative taws + negative tags)

Mid Armor (Giant Belt + Giant Belt)

Main Chaamana, the new Mo Gunna frankly, skills with shield + group control, as a 3 fee card, you can gamble together with Saa, as long as Mo Gunna stands for a long time to control the control chain exist. Preferred anti-armor increase hardness, the second piece of madness, can also change the redemption to reduce the group injury; the last look is swaying in the ice heart and dragon teeth.

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