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Where is the "Elden Law" bad king? Magno king position introduction

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Where is the Elden law ring? The evil king is a BOSS of the game main line. Many small partners don't know where to find this BOSS. The following small series brings the location of the Aldennda Ring and Neglot Wang. Let's take a look.

Aldennda Rings Women's Location Introduction

From the initial king's BOSS room, you can come to the queen, you can come to the queen, there is something, there is a blessing point, and then go forward is the malgo body, this BOSS is a bad Plus version, attack The desire is very strong, but very crisp, it is not difficult to fight, find the rhythm.

A tip is that he rolled into his feet when he was throwing a light. This spear would be emptied directly. This empty block can steal at least 3 knives.

If you can't, you can also call your wife to help, although I can't bear to make my wife injured.

The above is the location of the Elden law, the necrhable king position, I want to know more about the related Raiders, I can continue to pay attention to the Ranger. Every day, I will push the latest and most complete Raiders for everyone. I must not miss it.