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What is the business line, what meanings in the business line?

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The business lines play more on the roots, the upstream extension direction, the business line is also called the opportunity line or the fate line. One of the reasons is that it has a certain relationship with a person's career, so it can symbolize the success or failure of a person, a disaster, indicating a person's life and fate.

The main line is best to be fine. The longer the line, the longer it to the middle finger, the heavier career is. However, due to the seriousness of the business, it is prone to people, it is easy to work, and everything is true, and most of the official and large business bosses have this line. Although this kind of person is successful, it is often not good in health, and in the middle, he is easy to have a cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the business line cannot be too thick, too thick. You may wish to observe that most of the leadership capabilities, people with a career have this business line.

(1) The physiological significance of the career line

(1) The business line is a strong representation of a person.

(2) There is a certain relationship with a business line with a person's career.

(3) The business line symbolizes the success of one person.

(4) The business line represents all the opportunities of a person's life. The career line reflects people's spirit, desires and opportunities. People with weak lifelines, the business line has the role of compensating for insufficient lifeline. People with no business lines, the lifeline will play a major role. If the small finger is three levels, there is a person who has a career line, relatively strongly.

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