real teen faith

Detailed explanation of the flow of the eight warehouse

real teen faith real teen faith

Age: 56 to 65 years old.

Big fortune: home library (refers to a home reservoir bit among one hundred and 30).

Small transportation: 56 and fifty-seven years old in the Holden, 58 and 59 years old in Lingyang, sixty years old in the gallery, sixty-year-old decree, sixty-two years old, sixty Three years old in Puyang, sixty-four years old, sixty-five years old (Lingyang ie twelve bones).

When the flow year: 56 years old in the nose, fifty-seven years old in the mouth, fifty-eight years old in the left ear, 59 years old in the left eye, sixty years old, sixty-year-old in the right eyebrow, six Twelve years old in the right eye, sixty-three years old in the right ear, sixty-four years old in the left eye, sixty-five years old in the nose.

With views: 56 and fifty-seven years old are in the age of life, people, quasi-head, printing; 58 and fifty-nine years old are in the eyes, beads; sixty years old, printing Light, ear, quasi-head; sixty-year-old in eyebrows, ear, eyes; sixty-two and sixty-three years old are in printing, eyes, ear; sixty-four and sixty-five years old Industry, eyes, ear, lip color.

56 years old, the 57-year-old name is "Zuo Act", "Right Act", also known "Shou Department", "Wine", physiology "Lips", located on both sides of the nose to the mouth Texture of both sides. The texture is clear downstream, the shape is like a bell, no bias, disruption.

Watch the fifteenth year old and fifty-seven years old, in addition to the realization of this bid, it is necessary to watch the big fortune (home library), the small running (Hook) is wide and purple. When the annual nose is not defective, the annual birthday is rich, the number is thick, the color is bright, the mouth is correct, the square is fresh, and then the look at the people is wide and wide. It can judge the 56th year old. Fifty-seven years old is good, good health, and less work. Such as in the Holden, the old life is not affordable, the soil is water, the mouth is bad, the lip is dark, even if the position is also the owner there is a fight against the murder or Criminal.

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