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2022 epidemic prevention and control propaganda slogan Anyang epidemic safety greetings (selected 34)

real teen faith real teen faith

1. I wish the epidemic as soon as possible, everything goes well. Every day, I hope that I love people and people who love me health, safe, fast, happily.

2. Implement a pair of packages to protect the people, and resolutely cut off the source of the epidemic.

3, the epidemic situation is grim, time is more urgent.

4, prevent new coronary virus infections, I am everyone, everyone is me!

5. True love to pass the big love, dedication to interpretation of duties.

6, Anyang Come on! Anyang Come on! During the epidemic, please do protect your protection! Pay attention to hygiene!

7. May the world throw all the suspicions and distones, jointly resisting an attires, jointly responding to the crisis, civilians' desire, often extremely simple. After the epidemic, I hope everything will be well.

8, there is no deliberate copy, I only hope that the epidemic is ended early, everyone is safe and peaceful? Pay tribute to the staff of the epidemic.

9. Take life with life, put white clothes as a shirt.

10, viruses are ruthless, there is love in the world; the brave is determined, the war is invincible.

11, I would rather grow up, don't float outside. The long-awaited is rich, and it is a scourge.

12. In the epidemic, we have seen the people of the hero, all of the people, we have never won't go, there is no road!

13. The epidemic will end, and the spring is blooming.

14. In the face of the big addition, how many medical warriors rushed to Jingchu, and I tribute to them! At this moment, I hope that God bless China!

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