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Can you change your ideas into reality?

real teen faith real teen faith

Everyone is more or less some of their own ideas, but they think of simple, but they are not simple. Everyone wants to be able to make it, but it is not very hard. So can you change your ideas into reality? Test, you know the answer, let's do it together.

When you are sick, are you more willing to take a needle or take medicine? A, choose the needle B, choose to take medicine C, you can D, don't want

[Look down after choosing! The answer is below] Don't steal the answer == =

Test answer: a, you will definitely transform the idea into a reality, you are the kind of person in action, so when you have an idea, you will immediately act. However, you are not doing it, you will use your brain every time you can think about it. And you are still very endurance, so your dream will be realized.

B, you can very much transforming ideas into reality you may have a big idea to convert ideas into reality, this is because you are very stunning for your favorite things. You are always full of enthusiasm in life, you will act first. You don't care about what is the result, because you don't want to have a regret to give your own life, so you will be very strong.

C, you are unlikely to convert ideas into reality. You are unlikely to transform ideas into reality, because you always feel very self-purple, you will feel that you can't do it. So you always don't do any motivation, you always feel that it is not good, don't waste time again. So your thoughts are very good, but in the end are also white.

D, you will never transform the ideas into reality. You are just a unforgettable person. In your life, you only think about it, you will not act at all. Because you think it is very simple, it will find it is still a bit difficult when you really move. So you just started, just gave you a given.