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The cooling rate inside the earth is much more than expected.

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The cooling rate inside the earth is much more than expected.

According to cnbeta: The evolution of our planet is the story of its cooling. 45 billion years ago, the young Earth's surface was generally extreme temperature, which was covered by the deep sea of ​​magma. After millions of years, the surface cooling of the earth forms a brittle crust. However, huge heat from the inside of the Earth makes the dynamic process begin to exercise, such as mantle convection, sector construction, and volcanic activities.

However, there is still no answer that the speed of Earth cooling is much faster, which may take more time to stop the above thermal drive process. A possible answer may be in the thermal conductivity of minerals between the boundary between the core and mantle.

This boundary layer is related, because there is, where the global mantle adhesive rock is in direct contact with the thickness of the external nucleus of the Earth. The temperature gradient between the two layers is very steep, so there may be a lot of heat flow here. The boundary layer is mainly formed by mineral bridgmanite. However, the researchers are difficult to estimate how much heat is conducted from the ground to the mantle because of the experimental verification.

Now, Professor Motohiko Murakami and his colleagues from Carnegie Science have developed a complex measurement system, which allows them to measure bridges under pressure and temperature conditions in the laboratory. Thermal conductivity. In order to perform measurement, they use the most recently developed optical absorption measuring system in a diamond unit heated with pulsed laser.

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