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Can you accurately judge a good friend in a dating environment?

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Friends have two kinds of born friends, and good friends can help you realize that their shortcomings can make you better. And friendship will only drag you with water, so that you become as bad as they. So can you accurately judge a good friend in a dating environment? Test it, you know the answer, let's take a social test together!

Don't like to participate, will you say it directly? A, you can say it all

B, I will find a reason not to say

C, don't know how to say

D, I don't like it, I will definitely go.

[Look down after choosing! The answer is below] Don't steal the answer == = =

Test answer: a, you can very accurately judge that you are very picky, if the other party is not a good friend, then you will not be willing to accept each other. Because in your opinion, a friend will pull a lot of grades, and a good friend will make yourself a lot. Every time I chat with the other party, you know what kind of friends are.

B, you basically determine that you can more accurately determine the good friend each time you can more accurately judge, and you are willing to make it with such people. But you have a big question is that your face is particularly thin, you don't know how to reject others. So when the friend is projected to you, although you are very disgusted, it will take time to deal with him.

C, you will occasionally judge the error. Although you are trying to judge who is a good friend who is a friend, but you are too simple, it will always be easy to take the nose. In life, you are the kind of people who have a heart and heart, you will feel that they are not bad, then they will give their own hearts to each other, but I don't know if you are suffering from the friend.

D, you never judge that you are the kind of person who is good to you, you will be willing to make friends with each other. What do you think of your friend is nothing, even if they kills the fire, you feel that as long as the other party is sincere, then you will really treat each other. It is because of this, you will be affected by tired, the days will get worse. ()