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Summer transportation in 2022 is what time to get married and prepare for these blessings today

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As soon as Sanfu Tian arrived, it was the hottest time, but shortly after a few days, we will usher in a brand new solar term, that is, the summer heat. It means that the hot summer season is about to pass. In this season's alternation, we can adjust from our own diet structure to cooperate with the start of the season and eat more fruits.

What time is the summer transportation in 2022?

Today is one of the twenty -four solar terms. The summer time in 2022 is: August 23, the Gregorian calendar, July 26th of the lunar calendar, Ren Yinnian, Wu Shenyue, Wu Shen Day. The time for the transportation today is: 5 o'clock-7 o'clock. The summer heat is the fourteenth solar terms of the twenty -four solar terms. Dou refers to Wu (southwest); the sun yellow meridians reached 150 °; In the summer, it means "summer", which means leaving hot. At the time of the summer, the direct sunlight point continued to move south, the solar radiation weakened, and the subtropical high pressure also retreated to the south. The temperature gradually decreased, and the heat faded. Summering means that the hot weather is endless. Although the weather is still hot during this period, it has declined. You can feel a hint of coolness at this time.

Summer fruits can be arranged again

At this time, we can adjust our diet. By the time of Sanfu Tian, ​​these melon began to mature. The sweetness of melon is really better than watermelon! The nutritional value of Sanfu Tian's melon is very rich, and the coldness is far lower than watermelon. Therefore, the melon can be said to be the San Futian's summer heat tool, and you can always prepare some in your home! Eating more melon is good for your body. Still keep in mind: eat less spicy food.

Summer fruits can be arranged again. Two again

The weather gradually faded away, and our food can also have different arrangements. Sanfutian is the season when Apple is listed early. At this time, the apple listed on the market is not very large, but the taste is sweet and sour, and the appetite effect is quite good. When Sanfu Tian has no appetite, come to an apple, which will definitely let you make you definitely let you make you. Small appetite! Apple is rich in pectin, vitamins, and cellulose, and has a good fat -reducing effect. Female friends who pay attention to their figures must be prepared in their homes! At this time, you can eat more.