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The position and fate of the mole on the body

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Everyone's body or face will have some moles more or less. Some moles indicate that love is smooth, some moles indicate difficult life, and some dark moles are generally moles. So what do you mean by moles on your body? What is the relationship between moles at different positions and fate? Today, I will analyze the connection between moles and fate at different positions.

The relationship between moles at different positions and fate

Mole on the chest

People with moles in this position are very good, docile, can be confusing, enthusiastic as a person, and are not stubborn in life. Sometimes they will be different. The appearance looks more indifferent, but the heart is more concerned about others. Such people pay more attention to feelings and can enjoy life.

There is a mole in the breast

This generally appears to women, indicating the problem of children, it is prone to health problems when producing, the fate with the children is relatively shallow, and the child's body will be weak. Feelings do not express each other, quarrels often occur, and the impact on feelings will have a greater impact.

There are moles under the armpit

Such people can get external forces in work or life, and can solve different problems. Such as the help of friends, colleagues, etc. If you are a newcomer at work, you can get their help when you encounter difficulties. You will also encounter good objects in love, and you can find a lifelong partner.

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