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What should not be posted on the suitcase

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When traveling, the luggage is essential. The luggage is filled with changing clothes and various necessary medicines and the need for items. In fact, this is possible to violate Feng Shui taboos, which will cause the journey to be unsuccessful, troublesome, and may attract doom.

It is not suitable for messy stickers

Many young people like to post various words on the suitcases. They can stick some good wishes or memo, but they can not post with cursing words, or there are swear words in the words. When you touch the mildew, the curse is easy to come true, or often unlucky, such as forgetting to bring things, the loss of important things, etc., people are very troublesome when they encounter these things.

Should not stick a spell

Although some people want to travel smoothly, they cannot put the spell praying on the suitcase. This will not only be able to keep peace, but it will cause evil spirits. In particular, some spells used to suppress evil spirits and evil spirits at home cannot be pasted on the suitcase. If you want to have evil spirits, it is better to wear evil ornaments with you, and it will not cause disasters.

It should not be admitted to black pictures

Color also has a great impact on feng shui. When you go out, you wear clothes, shoes, and suitcases. The color is best brighter and bright, which can bring good fortune. It is best not to put black pictures on the suitcase, otherwise it will aggravate the yin, so that when staying outside, it is easy to encounter bad things, or it is easy to be robbed of money, items, etc.

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