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Dream of the poor

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Dreaming of the poor, I have a five-line main supply, but it is a good track. It is better to get together with others. The cause is more good luck. Everything is not more tangible with others, and I am unfavorable to sign, the autumn dream Geely, the winter dreamIt is unlucky.

In the extent of the people's dream, we will seek money in southeast, and the career is more constrained by others.

Single man has this dream, and there are more people in the career, but the honor and disgrace with him, the wind and rain are in the same boat, and there is a lot of money.

Middle-aged woman dreams, although others are helping others, the people who have limited capacity, can not have greedy ideas, and there are more than just signs.

Engaged in film and television media, self-media, etc.

Correspondingly of the relevant art workers such as design, painting, the fire is a financial, and there are many nobles in the main business, and there is a lot of money.