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Dream shoes

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of wet shoes, I have this dream, the five elements of the five elements are a lot of people, or there is the idea of ​​huting the best in the world. It is not harmonious, and the fortune is difficult to improve. This is an unjiji, the winter dreams of Geely, autumn dreams Ominous.

Single man has this dream, the main business is high, the small people are more, but more than the matter of money, only doing the details, treat people's affinity, the party can improve.

Single woman dreams, five lines of main water, doubtful with others, is difficult to improve, shoes are symbolized for their heart, if there are disputes in the near future, more troublesome.

The elderly dream, kidney disease, urinary system disease, physical condition is not good, this is an unbt.

Ask the scholar dream, the person who is famous Sun Mountain, in the near future, most of them are in the heart.

Engaged in wine, tea and other industry, the five elements of the main water, the rich wealth, the career is more helpful, this is the trillion of the rich.

Dreams of logistics, transportation, etc.