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Taobao flower shop master full score name recommendation

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Now human beings like to spend very much. When there is no plant in the home, there will be no vitality in this family, so many people will put some good -looking words on the balcony in their home, offline When you buy, you have to move back to your own home. The online is a good way, and you will choose to deliver the door.

Flower shops to pick up names

Method 1: Choose English with good pronunciation to name

Pronunciation is also very important for a name. A nice English name people like to take the initiative to read the meaning of it. This is not only easy to remember, but also make publicity and promotion easier. When customers are willing to taste the deep meaning of the name, a meaningful English shop name can bring them stunning. Not only does it want to know what kind of atmosphere in the store is, but it has an impulse to enter the store to watch.

Method 2: Use English that is connected to flowers to name

The names of this type are generally very simple. You can choose to use the English in English with the content of the flowers to make the name of the flower shop. For example Flowers and so on. Such a name is very recognizable. At first glance, it is known that it is a flower shop. The simple and clear expression has reduced the communication cost of many customers and the flower shop. Essence

Master full score name recommendation


It is good to choose a good name. Echo originally meant echo, revelation, and response. It is also the name of the Greek goddess. It symbolizes the beauty, cleverness, and kindness. It is a very creative English flower shop name. The pronunciation was [? Ek ??], the vowel was open, and it was very beautiful to read. The mood of this name is very good. It is very beautiful to think of the valley, forest, wind, and their own love.

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