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"Chaos World" Lu Meng formation method selection recommendation

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Lu Meng is the core output role of Wu Guo's lineup in the game of "Chaos World". Many players want to know what the formation method is better, so today I will introduce to you the selection of the Lun Meng formation method in troubled times. Do n’t miss it if you need it. It's right.

"Chaos World" Lu Meng formation method selection recommendation

Lu Meng is the core output of the Wu Guo lineup. The selection of the formation method can be selected according to the enemy lineup to select [Bird Xiang Array], [Tiger Wing Array], [Fengyang Array]

[Bird Xiang Formation] When Lu Mengbu was in the front row, he increased the damage to the enemy. At the same time, he had the effect of reducing injuries to make him both offensive and defensive.

[Tiger wing array] When the enemy generals have an enemy generals in the attack range, the damage to the enemy increases, and at the same time, it has a damage reduction effect.

[Feng Yang Tan] The longer the battle time, the higher the damage caused by our generals, and the passive 1 and 3 skills of Lu Meng. At this time, Lu Meng collects high output, blood return, and injuries, which can gallop the battlefield.

The above is the recommendation of the Lu Meng formation method of "Chaos World". For more game strategies, please continue to pay attention!