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What are the backgrounds of Wei Hong in one side of Lingtian

real teen faith real teen faith

"One Plan Lingtian" Zhongwei Hong was determined to become an organ division since childhood. Later, he joined Luoxia. He naturally liked to study and create various items. He loved strange and strange stuff. In short Very big, referred to as funny brothers.

Wei Hong background introduction

Character name: Wei Hong

Birthday: Xiaomanzhong

Like gifts: Occasionally

Background: I was determined to become an organ divorce since I was a child. I like to study and manufacture various items, claim to be genius, never move as samples, like to make blindness, and often make some strange and useless things.

Character settings: Personalized, eclectic, big brain. Funny brothers often have all kinds of strange thoughts. Personally careless, like to eat and drink, and have affinity. Because of borrowing money, I owe a lot of foreign debt, like to sell their inventions everywhere, sell a good price to repay the debt.

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