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Is the tiger and a monkey suitable for husband and wife (Is the marriage of the tiger and the monkey's marriage appropriate)?

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Is a tiger and a monkey suitable for husband and wife? It can be said that the zodiac tiger people are a person who loves themselves, but they do have the style of leaders. They are full of energy and smart monkeys. Is it more interesting?

Is it suitable for being a tiger and monkey?

Mr. Monkey is smart, confident, likes to challenge, loves freedom, and has a good relationship with the opposite sex. They are resourceful, hoping to rely on their own strategy to win the competition of family rights. Ms. Tiger has repeated impermanence, emotional excitement, frankness, confidence, and strong desire to control and possessiveness. One does not like to be restrained, and the other has a strong possessiveness, so disputes are prone to occur. They all have strong desires and strong self -awareness. The main contradiction of marriage is a conflict between possessive desire and freedom.

Mr. Hu deliberately kept calm in his marriage, but he often had mental allergies because Mr. Hu overwhelmed each other anywhere. Monkey Monkey is clever and confident, dares to accept various challenges and competition. Mr. Tiger who is strong in self -esteem does not want a wife who shows better than himself, which will make him feel unpredictable and initiative.

Monkeys and tigers are not perfect to be couples. Your speed matching rate is very low, so it is difficult to be together. However, there are great differences in their ideas. Both sides have strong self -awareness and desire. Although Mr. Monkey and Miss Tiger are both active and optimistic people and are willing to communicate with others, their concepts are very different and there is no common language.

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