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Black Guronglong beats the zodiac signs or zodiac chicken

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Rats are frugal, love to store, and hi Zhenzang. The cattle are steady and solid, and never feel emotional. The tiger is cautious and optimistic, and the personality is stubborn and strong. Different parts of different personalities and fate are different. Inheriting the zodiac culture is the responsibility of each of our children. Let's take a look at the zodiac signs of Hei Gurong, right?

Black Guru is a zodiac rat and zodiac chicken.

The following is the specific analysis of the zodiac signs (guessing the zodiac signs)

Said 1: We can think of the rat from the interpretation of "very dark". The rat likes dark and the mouse is also coming out after dark. From this comprehensive analysis, Black Guru can be a rat.

Said 2: We still start from black. We know that there is a chicken called black chickens, although the hair is white, but the whole body is black. From this analysis, Hei Gurong can also be chickens.

Hei Gurong guess a number

Guess the numbers from Hei Guronglong's strokes. "Black" 12 strokes, "Guru" 8 strokes, "Long" character 11 strokes, "咚" "Word 8 strokes, 4 characters in total are 12+8+11+8 = 39. Therefore, Hei Gurong guessed that a number was 39.

Zodiac signs and zodiac culture

1. Sub -rat: From 23:00 midnight to 01, the orientation belongs to the north. In November of the lunar calendar, the five elements belong to the water. It belongs to Dongxiao, Hongxiao, Chess Xiao, Ye Xiao, Di Xiao, Yu Xiao, plum blossom.

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