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How long can I go to the death of my loved ones after the funeral?

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The funeral is a very serious thing. When the death of his relatives, relatives will keep the spirit, but during a period of time when the relatives have just died, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to. Intersection What kind of taboos do you need to pay attention to in the first seven of your loved ones? Let's find out together.

How long can I go to other people's house after the funeral

There are many places that they cannot place other people's homes within the first seven, and when they go to other people's homes, they cannot wear filial piety. As for why it is seven days, because in the folk, there is a saying of the first seven. On the seventh day of the death of the deceased, his soul would return to the place where he lived again. People in the family usually avoid it on this day, or go to bed early, covering it in the quilt. Otherwise, the soul of the deceased will make him remember, which will affect his reincarnation. In some places, after the death of the family, they cannot go to other people's homes within three years after their death. Within a hundred days, you must not go to the house of others, so especially after the death of the elderly at home, these relatives will keep filial piety for three years and cannot go out to the New Year during these three years. There are also some places that after 49 days, we can visit someone else's house. The specific customs and regulations of each place are different. This concrete has a lot to do with the customs of each place.

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