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"Golden Bad Battle" Quiin Wolf lineup Raiders Neon Night lineup Ruit because of how to play

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How to play the battle of the gold shovel shovel? Quiin Wolf is a new gameplay in the battle of the gold shovel shovel, with the main control, the wolf is the main C, then how do Kui Wolf? Let us know the neon night lineup together.

Golden shovel shovel battle Raiders

First, lineup analysis



3/5/7/9 Alchemy: Warrick, Tedamir, Zach, Liena Tower, Victor, Singer (alchemy below 75%) blood or less at the speed of attack

2/4/6/8 Challenge: Warrick, Tedamir, Quin, Qingqi (Challenger's chess pieces plus speed, participating in the snack sprint, and the speed double 2.5 seconds)


2 Scholars: Liena Tower, Hillko (Full Team Back Blue BUFF)

1 Weight: Hillko (started to give the first two friendships to Grace)

2. Equipment

Warrick: Main C, Sheep Knife / Electric Knife + Titan + Mercury, 3 pieces try not to change as much as possible

Quinin: Main Control, Qinglong Knife, Alchemy, Ghost Book

Tedamir / Zach: Deputy C, Yaman, Ice Heart, Flag, Saint Cup, Avosis, Garbage

3. Hex

Crusher (attack caused the maximum life value of the target), alchemy / emblem / royal (high alchemy), challenge heart / emblem / challenge (high challenge), show the stand (equivalent to a contribution), short The profit of the soldiers (the first two rows of attacks), the star boundary bless / Hunting Larity (equivalent to a battery), the alchemy is overloaded (alchemy, the bomb is dead, 2 enemy players), the alchemy line (the whole team is alchemy ), Instant injection (open the game triggering alchemy once), the heart is lost (2 pieces per input, then free to brush a repository for free), directly hit the weaknesses (equivalent to a broken armor)

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